Our Approach

Covered 6 Academy is an all-inclusive cybersecurity training platform providing cutting edge educational content, career development, and lifelong support. Our personal Academy Coaches take an individual approach to each students’ unique needs and learning styles to help them become the heroes cybersecurity needs. Now, we want to help you become a hero, too.

Our Tracks

Track 1 - Fundamentals

Get the foundational knowledge in operating systems, networking, and security.

• 110+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA A+ Core 1 and Core 2 Certifications

• Hardware
• Operating Systems
• Software Troubleshooting
• Networking
• Hardware & Network Troubleshooting
• Security
• Mobile Devices
• Virtualization and Cloud Computing
• Operational Procedures

Track 2 - Network

Build up expertise on common wired and wireless networks and other emerging technologies.

• 70+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA Network+ Certification

• Networking Concepts
• Infrastructure
• Network Operations
• Network Security
• Network Troubleshooting and Tools

Track 3 - Security

Establish the critical security know-how to actively troubleshoot and problem solve.

• 70+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA Security+ Certification

• Threats, Attacks and Vulnerabilities
• Technologies and Tools
• Architecture and Design
• Identity and Access Management
• Risk Management
• Cryptography and PKI


We offer several options when it comes to financing. Our goal is to provide affordable and flexible ways for our students to invest in their future.

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Our Career Advisors are readily available to discuss everything from the cybersecurity industry, Covered 6 Academy and our program options, our industry leading partners, and how you can get started today with our financing options.