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Welcome to The Academy

We Have Your 6. We Have Your Back.

Covered 6 Academy is an advanced eLearning platform providing our students with a custom learning path in which they gain practical skills, uncover interactive tools and access a supportive community to kick start their career in Cybersecurity. From the principles of securing hardware and network operations to the basics of Cryptography and risk management, our certification programs and immersive curriculums set a rock solid foundation for your future.

At C6A, we believe each student is uniquely qualified which is why our Academy Coaches take a personalized approach to helping each student navigate their professional journey; from onboarding them the moment they enroll to guiding them with their post-graduation employment opportunity.

Enrolling in our Academy is beyond an education, beyond a certification and beyond a path to a job. You're becoming the future of work.

Why Cybersecurity?


High Demand

Be part of a highly sought-after workforce


Financial Security

Earn a higher salary than the national average


Professional Growth

Join an ever-evolving industry with exciting opportunities


cybersecurity market by 2023


cost of cybercrime by 2021


Organizational spend to defend against cybercrime


unfilled cybersecurity positions


average starting salary in the field (CompTIA)

Our Approach - 6Cs

C6A was founded on these 6 (6Cs) pillars to demonstrate our commitment and servitude to our community of students and team members.


Our cutting-edge training leads to nationally recognized C6A certifications sought after by industry leaders and hiring managers.


Our ‘teach for the trade’ approach results in immersive curriculums developed by industry experts and proven by our qualified graduates.


Our Academy Coaches will personally guide you through the different stages of your journey while helping you develop soft skills along the way.


Our C6A Students and Alumni form a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals to share experiences, challenges, successes, and best practices.


Our established network of Cybersecurity Recruitment partners assists our C6A graduates with their career goals and opportunities.


As a conscious company, we forge a work environment where serving and caring for our community always takes precedence.

Our Program

Our accredited eLearning program has three foundational tracks that build your knowledge-base over time. Each track is specifically designed to set our students up for success come time for the required industry exam for certification.

Track 1


• 110+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA A+ Core 1 and Core 2 Certifications

Track 2


• 70+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA Network+ Certification

Track 3


• 70+ hours
• All materials provided
• Dedicated Academy Coach
• CompTIA Security+ Certification

Associations & Accreditations

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No! You do not need a college degree to successfully start an IT career. We train people from all walks of life and a variety of backgrounds. In fact, almost 50% of IT job postings do not list a four-year degree as a minimum requirements (CompTIA)

Yes! We offer a variety of financing options through our financing partner Affirm. Contact us to learn more about our options.

Our Academy Coaches have your 6 every step of the way. If you don’t pass the final exam, your Coach will work directly with you to chart a path to success.

Though there are no guarantees in life, at Covered 6 Academy, we pride ourselves in our ability to prepare and connect our students with the industry’s expanding opportunities. The combination of our awarded curriculum, active Academy Coaches, and engaged alumni and partner network, sets up C6A students to be fully prepared for their next chapter in life.